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Customizable suite of program management services aimed at reducing transportation costs, increasing efficiencies and taking away the stress of day-to-day shipping.

Collaboration | Communication | Visibility
Xylan’s transportation management style is designed in collaboration with your shipping team. We believe that logistics programs are meant to augment our client’s core competencies while providing innovative solutions to current issues. Our customizable suite of services can reduce transportation costs, increase production flow and efficiencies, and free up human resources which allow our clients to focus on what truly drives their company revenue.

Our experienced staff will work with your team to identify cost-saving opportunities, as well as, supply chain improvement areas and then implement solutions to capture those advantages. Our services will also minimize client’s investment costs for transportation software and personnel.

We believe that strong communication protocols, actionable reporting and transparency are essential when becoming your 3rd party logistics division. That is why we have invested heavily in a solid transportation management system that allows you to see order status, generate reports, track shipments and so much more from your own dedicated dashboard.

Xylan Capabilities for Program Management include:

  • Logistics management of all inbound & outbound needs
  • Personalized Client Portal software
  • Truck Scheduling
  • Daily Tracking & Tracing
  • Carrier Onboarding, Compliance & Management
  • Freight Claim Management
  • Customized Data Analytics & Reporting
  • Industry-leading TMS